Sharepoint Extension
Life Cycle Server/Sharepoint Extension
LCS Sharepoint Extension enables our Sharepoint customer to get in control of site creation, permission management and group memberships. If you are experiencing challenges with Sharepoint administration then read more about this extension.

How it works?

The Sharepoint extension you use as any other Extension in LCS. Just add a definition to a policy and you are ready to go.

What it does?

With LCS Sharepoint extension you can automatically generate sharepoint hierachies based on data from third party stores or based on data that resides in the Active Directory.
  • With a policy you can define advanced permissions from site level to file level
  • You can control the complete ACL or allow manual edits of the ACL
  • You can control the complete ACE of based on a user/group or sharepoint group
  • You can maintain Sharepoint groups and add members
  • You can easily provision sites and also make personal sites that will move automatically based on other data
  • Provision sites and lists and the hiearchy their supposed to be in
  • Who uses it?

    Customers running Microsoft Learning Gateway are the main target group for this extension. They will save tons of work using this form of administration and increase the security of their sharepoint site.