Feide Extension
Life Cycle Server/Feide Extension
Feide Extension is a plug-in to Life Cycle Server that automatically creates and maintains the Feide LDAP catalog. You will stay in complete control of your data and the total time to implement Feide will be dramatically reduced. Implementing Feide with LCS is the fastest way to get Feide!

How it works?

Feide Extension for LCS is built around the same principles as Life Cycle Server and is a free addon for Life Cycle Server.

What it does?

  • Maintaines a LDAP catalog according to the Feide standard
  • Able to use any attribute in Feide
  • Advanced transformation functions which makes it easy to adapt to any format and rules
  • Health monitoring for troubleshooting
  • Who uses it?

    The Feide Extension is used by municipals of Norway to maintain their Feide LDAP catalogs.

    Success Stories

  • The collaborating municipalities of the Værnes-region
  • The municipality of Eide - An Inspiring story
  • The municipality of Sørum

  • Publications at Uninett's pages:

  • The solution design
  • First feide implementation on LCS
  • Downloadable Documents