Powershell Extension
Life Cycle Server/Powershell Extension
LCS Powershell Extension is a free extension that enables you to virtually integrate any application.

How it works?

Powershell view
Powershell view
Powershell sample
Powershell sample
LCS integrates powershell with the LCSDL language and LCS policies. The combination is very powerful and enables you to easily extend LCS without knowing anything about LCS.

What it does?

LCS Powershell Extension enables the use of integrating powershell commands in LCS. Common uses of Powershell today are the following:
  • Maintain home folders
  • Maintain mailbox
  • Maintain cloud services
  • Who uses it?

    All customers who use LCS also use powershell extension. The powershell extension is free of charge for existing LCS customers.